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HipSmart redux

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      <a href=";p=/list/AD1EFF92/Mens-Shower-Luxuries"><img src="" width="33" alt="" class="ThisNext_img" height="33" /></a>
    <div class="ThisNext_header_title ThisNext_floater_left ThisNext_headline">
      <div><a href=";p=/list/AD1EFF92/Mens-Shower-Luxuries">Men's Shower Luxuries</a></div>
      <div class="ThisNext_text_light">by <a href=";p=/list/AD1EFF92/Mens-Shower-Luxuries">esswedl</a></div>
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    <p class="ThisNext_p">You stink. So, you shower. Now, do it in style.
Wake up grumpy if you will, but once you stumble to the bathroom, these products will make your day.</p>
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